Theresa J Morris

Web Developer, Writer, and Filmmaker in Gulf Breeze, FL

I am a web developer, writer, and filmmaker currently living in Gulf Breeze, FL. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in programming, web development, and design.

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Theresa J Morris Ministries dba American Communications Online
My various friends allow me on my PRO ACCOUNT on GODADDY which I have had since 1998 to assist them with a C-Panel or Wordpress, Amazon, Lulu, Kindle, Spreaker, Blog Talk Radio, Spotify, and my Theresa J Morris Ministries dba American Communications Online. I have radio show archives on
TJ Morris Agency, ACO- ACIR at Go Daddy Pro
Our ACO Club has a directory for our Friends, Authors, Consultants, Organizers, and Agents. I run TJ Morris Agency, and UAP Associateo I am on LINKED IN where my Alignable friends join me as well. We simply share social media connections on various social media accounts, twitter, facebook, pinterest and many more. Theresa J Morris Ministries Universal Life Body-Mind-Spirit Health and Wellness. - If you want to work with us on a project we will be able to share and support you in small business.
Theresa J Thurmond Morris,
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