Product / Service #1

Network Management – Systems Management. We share our teams experience in managing day to day operations and keeping it simple.

We offer Administrative Support Solutions for Projects Online.

Product / Service #2

Portal Stargate Mystics enjoy reaching out, learning new things and hearing new perspectives. They trust in the universe’s plan and see their journey as one of understanding, not preaching. Panels Formed by TJ and Janet on topics for each week in metaphysics and Cosmology.

Dr. Alexander P. Lessin, Janet L. Lessin, Theresa J. Morris
Directors – ACO Association (2012-2019)
Theresa J Morris now serves with Thomas R Becker and Ken R. Johnston.
Thomas R Becker
General Manager
Radio Stations
American Communications Online – Vice President
ACO Association – Director

GM is Thomas R Becker for ACO Association, American Communications Online. We also manage UFO Association Organization Projects.

ACO Club Teams manage projects together and develop IT monitoring and management software to be effective, accessible and easy to us. Our focus on broadcast management and producing on the internet has allowed us to share our combined experiences using  technology.

This is why we have formed our ACO Trade Association of professionals and have made a commitment to net neutrality and freedom of speech with our   commitment to excellence in end-to-end hybrid IT performance management for our clients, customers, volunteers, friends, and listeners.  

Product / Service #3

We offer various Projects for our ACO Association professional trade association to share their cocreations as products/services.

Ralph Kennedy Johnston St. shares his interests in Space Exploration.

We share Ken Johnston’s Books and Talks since he is an educator and works with auxilliary groups as a volunteer. Ken is also a director 2019-2021 for our ACO Association.

Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr., better known as Ken Johnston, Author-Speaker
ACO Association Director