Memories of My Life in Monroe 1950’s

By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, 69 years old blogging for family and ancestry, health, spirituality wellness ezine newspaper for ACO Press Club Directory.

Member and as a journalist and producer/songwriter. Former 2004 CMA Member. Former Singer.

Maybe I can get a sponsor someday like 23andme or Lulu or Amazon, or maybe even Microsoft or Google. how I share my software packages I use online is surely wanting to be known by other family and friends online?

A way to archive memories for those of this world will come after us all in 2021. I will be 70 this Dec. 26, 1951. As the reminder in my mind by my mother’s angelic voice whispering inspiration, I commit to my family legacy as educators, writers, journalists, teachers online. Mother told me to believe in ebooks and tablets. She had a kindle fire and loved her microsoft world of windows and she loved her life. Mother was the maternal leader of our family.

I got my first Covid 19 shot not a month ago. July 20, at WalMart in Tiger Point, Midway, Gulf Breeze Florida. I had side effects of headaches, muscle weakness, hot and cold sweats first 4 days. Then i got blisters in my mouth, gums, and on my face on the jaw line. Now it is August 7, 2021 and am still messed up as it made my natural sleep order worse as insomnia set in. I had broken my neck and back around November, 2003 and was operated on and got off the road as an OTR Truck Driver coast to coast delivering for U.S. I pulled for companies such as Dell, Microsoft, U.S. Treasury, Unilever, and so many major companies across the USA> I wet to all lower 48 states more than once in 9 years.

I am the oldest daughter of her “CHARMED ONES” power of 3 daughters. Mother had a 4th Letitia Catherine Thomas.

I changed my name in my divorce to Gerald Orr of Hawaii in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I simply took my American Truck Driving School Certification as an over the road and hazmat certification truck driver. I was a hazmat-OTR Dry Van and Reefer hauler with a clearance for U.S. government loads. I kept my Class D OTR Truck Driver License in Kentucky until renewal in 2006. I began my full time publishing Aug 2004 as a government contractor as TJ Morri ACIR and then after retirement in 2017, I renewed it under D&B 124124038 in Florida as ACO American Communications Online.

My daughters names for are Angela Dawn Parrish, Born March 25, 1968 in Houston, Texas, Lauren Michelle Parrish born Aug. 3, 1950 in Galveston County Hospital, LaMarque, Texas, Stephanie Esther Parrish born August 13, 2021, Houston, Texas (Sharpstown Hospital same as Angela Dawn Parrish) and finally my youngest who died too you due to AML Cancer which we hope to ee cured. Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish Bowers, born January 27, 1974 and passed away to another dimension and place of existence in her soul and spiritual growth on March 15, 2019. Ginger had just appeared like a trooper before her death for our SPiritual Wellness Magazine Event on January 19, 2021 at the Navarre Conference Center. Producer and Promoter was Ericka Marcia Boussarhane, of Pensacola, Florida.

I will forever be grateful to my soul sister Magic Marcia for giving Ginger a platform to speak with me in her final public appearance which can be seen in our Spiritual Wellness Magazine of VIdeos from YouTube. (I will have to add her videos here later.)

Born to me and Steven Lee Parrish of Knoxville

Please family send me your memories and I will make them into a book like Mom’s. She asked me before she died and sent me $100.00 to make her book in a series for all of her children to share their own memories at 50 years of age. So, her legacy as she was very much a professional journalist and writer, was to share her legacy as “We are the author’s of our own life story”. So, she actually had a 1 time book deal of 50 or 75 copies of her story which was printed and published by her oldest grandson James McVey who lived around Austin, Texas at the time of her death  on May 4, 2011. My father died the same year Dec.. 9 , 2011. How odd they both died the same year for our family ancestry reasons. My Dad was 80 and my Mom was 79. I was told Daddy died of a heart attack in a home care center and Mother died at her own home she bought in Richmond, Texas of cancer.  

I was born December 26, 1951 in Monroe, Louisiana. My Birth Certificate shares my given Christian Name as Theresa Janette Thurmond.

As a child and I do not know why, I was taught JAN Thurmond. So, in school my school name at Plum Street Elementary was registered as that. Mother shared later in life it was because she was called Theresa and they did not want me mixed up when my Father called Theresa. So. I became Jan in my family and as a 1st grade student.

Because I would be 5 years by the end of the year and we began September I began at Age 4. Meaning I would turn five by December 1956. My 1st grade school teacher was Mrs. Maynard. Ironically, she was my mother’s 1st grade school teacher also.

I first came home from the hospital which at that time mother had been living at home with her mother and her grandmother so, mother and Daddy had a small home in West Monroe, next to my father’s mother Sarah Elizabeth Heath Thurmond. His mother was married prior to a Mr. Hair and had two half sisters Sally Hair and Jane Hair. They are listed in my father’s obituary, and one half brother.

We lived at 1503 South 3rd and 1412 North 7th Street Monroe, Louisiana USA 71202

Theresa Janette Thurmond’s Father

Nathaniel Burton Thurmond – when I was born Daddy was a Junior due to his father was Senior. SR.

But, Daddy became Sr. When my brother as the same paternal surname of Thurmond and First and middle name was passed down from father to son.

What many people may recognize is the life stored in their own personal memory banks may not be the same as others who remember my Dad.

Will tell the story of being his first child and the good memories only here for our grandchildren, great grandchildren who are already on planet earth. But first his obituary from where he was born and died.

Daddy left for year to work in Anchorage, Alaska and he took his second wife in the LDS Church with him Louise Hotard. She became a Mormon or now called Latter Day Saint after marrying him. She had been Catholic and her church would not honor the marriage of a divorcee so she joined Daddy’s faith.

By coincidence, I joined the church before Daddy even knew it. Reason was, he had divorced my mother Theresa Mae Bolton Thurmond but mother was who filed for divorce but Daddy did not want a divorce nor believed in divorce so it took Daddy a long time to get over if he ever did my Mom’s leaving him with all 6 of her children.

Who I can remember in my life as family on my Father’s side was first his mother and father who lived on White’s Ferry Road,  I believe it became 3604 North 7th Street as the city grew they changed the name. When Daddy was a young man,  his father was alive and bought the home for his new marriage to his mother Sarah Elizabeth Heath (Married a Hair) became a Thurmond but I do not know the year she divorced her first husband or he died. Aunt Sally or Aunt Jane will know. So I will put in the newspaper clipping written up here.



Nathaniel Burton Thurmond Jr.

Nathaniel Burton

Thurmond, Jr.

Funeral Services for Mr. Nathaniel Burton Thurmond, Jr., 80, of West Monroe, LA will be 10:00 AM Monday, December 12, 2011 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, West Monroe with Bishop Scott Dickson officiating. Entombment will follow at Mulhearn Memorial Park Mausoleum in Monroe, LA.

Mr. Thurmond was born February 13, 1931 and died on December 9, 2011. He was a retired veteran of the United States Coast Guard. Mr. Thurmond was an Elder in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints. He was a leader for the Boy Scouts of America for over 40 years, having received the Silver Beaver Award.

Mr. Thurmond is preceded in death by his sons, David Patrick Thurmond, Nathaniel Burton Thurmond, III. and Richard Hotard; brothers, Charles Thurmond and Lee Hair; and sisters, Sarah Key, Jane Yarborough and Evelyn Hair.

Survivors include his wife of 46 years, Louise H. Thurmond; children, Janet Morris, Brenda Thomas, Wendy Gale Fineley, Jeannette Anders, Betty Anderson, Charles Houston Thurmond, and Howard O’Neal Hotard; numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren; sister, Mary Gwyn Thurmond.

Pallbearers will be Justin Hardy, Paul Tolbird, Greg Bruorton, Cameron Mehl, Jeff Chandler, and Tony Brinkmeier.

Visitation will be from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM Sunday, December 11, 2011 at Mulhearn Funeral Home, West Monroe.

The names of Janet Morris is me Theresa J Thurmond Morris, and Wendy my sister Wendy Gayle Thurmond Finley is not Fineley.

When I was growing up I had Aunt Gwynn, Uncle Charles, Aunt Sally, and Aunt Jane in that order is how I remember Dad’s sisters and 1 brother. Actually Aunt Jane and Aunt Sally were Dad’s half sisters and they came to live as far as I know in the home on White’s Ferry Road with Daddy. In the home was my Grandfather’s Room, my Grandmother’s room, a formal living-dining room, a kitchen, and a back porch. The back of the house down the hall from indoor bathroom which was an important thing back then were two more bedrooms for the children. One room for boys, Dad and Charles, and girls, Gwyn, due to Sally and Jane off grown and married.

On the back porch was a modern day washing machine with a large electric to plug in with a roller on top to dry out the clothes in a wringer and Grandma Thurmond would on a table next to the washer had an aluminum wash deep pan with 2 handles and she would carry that was tub out to hang her clothes on 2 lines strong on poles in the back yard. She had turkeys, chickens, and peacocks. In the water Pump Room off the porch and back kitchen was her water well. It still had a hand pump and in it was where the chicken nests were on a large bench looking lined up with hay nests.

One of the highlights of my life waws visiting and getting to get the eggs and I would put them in a bowl and bring into my grandma Thurmond.

I do not know where my Daddy and Mom learned to dance but they were impressive at it. Grandmother Sara Esther Richman Bolton had a piano in her living room. At 1503 South 7th St, Monroe, LA and while she or her son Harold Eric Bolton played the piano, they would dance the dances of the day. Some of it was Charleston turned into sock-hop or back then was couples, but daddy could throw mom over his back and under his legs. Also, they too were professional skaters and were so impressive skating.  Mom and Dad later when I was in the second grade at Mitchell Elementary I had to stay with Aunt Dorothy Martin my grandmothers sister until my mother could pick me up from work. She got off at 4:30 PM each day at the papermill. She worked in accounting and was a secretary and worked in keypunch but she learned short hand in a career college there in Monroe. She went to night college so Sisty watched me while my Dad was working and in U.S. Army National Guard. The Ouachita River would rise and I remember Mom and me taking Daddy lunch along the sand bags being packed all along the river that ran between Monroe and Wet Monroe, Louisiana.

Mom once told me this, answer to my question. Q. “Mom, why did you marry Daddy?” A. “Because he was the first and only boy who ever paid attention to me in high school and he bought me my only pair of white roller skates. I never had anyone treat me so nice or buy me anything. So, when we graduated and I was in Home Economics, and I wanted to get married right away and have children. So, we got married in January before his birthday February 13, and you were born 10 months later. I never wanted you to think I had to get married because I got pregnant so fast. But that was what we did back in those days. We went to sock hops, dances, and roller skating. We later went bowling and joined a bowling league. We went to the Rendezvous’ as a couple with other couples after you were born?”

Well, my Mom and Dad rented a duplex which was formerly Air Force enlisted barracks for married couples which was rich behind my grandmothers purchased land and home from the U.S. Air Force as the officer’s quarters home. So the enlisted were down the road and also behind the officers homes. Called my grandmother Sara Esther Richman Bolton Sisty. She said a girlfriend of mine down the street had an older sister she called sister and I asked if I could call her sister too which came out sisty … I wanted to be called Aunt Sissy for my sister’s children later in life.

More memories later for my sisters children and mine if they are not embarrassed for me telling the changes in my life that gradually would reflect on their own. All good though because all families have memories and we also have dysfunctional emotional drama it seems. But, for family recording history of our own family culture we want to simply add the main thread of how our memories are now with our adult filters on.


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