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Owner TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online - ACO CLUB
Welcome readers. Allied Command Organization is a department of American Communications Online. We are a group of like minded people, truth seekers, sharing a community in cyberspace. We are independent journalists, authors, reporters, researchers share education, information, and points of view of how we share our own reality of the universe and or universes. We recognize we are each important in the overall scheme. We share concepts of originality whether in art or word form. Allied Command Organization, ACO Association, American Communications Online, ACO Club, UFO Association share in an alliance to form a community of ufo enthusiasts, ufologists, alienologists, researchers, space advocates.
We are asking people to join our ACO club at $5 a month. The money will go towards holding a conference in the near future. We are offering many services at discount prices for members. Members will be able to submit articles, artwork, or pictures for consideration for publication in our E magazine. ACO Association
Check out the shows at We welcome any feedback at or
Board of Directors
Theresa J. Morris, CEO
American Communications Online/Allied Command Organization
Author on Ascension Age and Ace Life Coach shares her life with friends as she welcomes new members into the ACO Club. ACE Metaphysical Institute shares TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide living through the changes in the Cosmos.
Ken R Johnston Sr. ~ Fleet Commander-Was Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilots from the Apollo Moon Program for the Grumman Aircraft Corp. Worked at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory and was the Director of the Data and Photo Control Department. Dr. Johnston’s latest works are the documentation of his Metaphysical Journey and contact with ET’s since he was only 7 years old.
Thomas R Becker (amadpainter) ~General Manager • Radio Host – Various Stations – Talk Shows
Graphic Artist, Author, Event Coordinator, Advertising Consultant,
Lay out and Designs for Businesses, Radio Producer – Various Stations


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